Weed management

Landscaping cape townA weed can be defined as any plant that grows in the garden against the will of the owner. A garden can never really be considered weed-free, as even once weeds are removed, they can arrive back in your garden with a gust of wind, the help of a bird, or from under your shoes.

Weed management

There are two aspects of weed management – eradication, and prevention.


Weeds can be removed by hand, or with the help of a herbicide. Some weeds are so conditioned to being removed that they have established a survival mechanism that requires the gardener to revisit a weeded area several times to ensure the absolute removal of the weed.

Whilst hand removal is the most environmentally friendly method of eradication, there is the risk of regenerative tissue being left in the soil. Herbicide is more effective, but does not always kill off bulbous weeds. [insert link to hand weeding tips and herbicide tips ?]

Preventing weed infestation

A dense mulch is your best defence against weed infestation. Over time, the mulch will make the soil looser, and the weeds that are growing in the soil will be easier to pull out. Another preventative measure is to remove identifiable seed sources like trees that produce weed seedlings.

Weeds can more easily go unnoticed when blending of landscapes takes place: separate lawns and garden areas with an edge to provide better definition. Because weeds are opportunistic, they will occupy vacant space, so by maintaining a dense planting of shrubs and groundcovers the competition for the weeds’ survival is increased.

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