Our Visit to Noordhoek Open Gardens

We had the privilege to pop in to the Noordhoek Open Gardens on the 22 nd & 23 rd of October.

We were inspired by all the lovely colours, water-wise planting, companion planting, food gardens and the wide range of garden designs & styles.  Well done to all the hard working gardeners! Lovely to see that there are no hard and fast rules in gardening and that everyone has the freedom to experiment with their garden layouts, plant-palettes, garden rooms, features and more.

Regrettably we were enjoying it so much that we did not take enough pictures, but have a few plant images that we took that we would like to share with you. Enjoy!


Bright Yellow Pincushion

Bright Yellow Pincushion

White Watsonia's against a blue sky

White Watsonia’s against a blue sky

Babiana and Vygies

Babiana and Peach & Orange Vygies







Driftwood used in garden

Driftwood used in garden


Poppies, hedges and mountain views

Clipped Rhus crenata hedges with splashes of colour and mountain views


Yellow Aloe tenuior mixed with blue Felicia's

Yellow Aloe tenuior mixed with blue Felicia’s





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