Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I work with a professional landscaping company?

A: Just as you would employ an architect to design your home, or an accountant to handle your taxes, hiring a professional landscaper means that you will get the best possible service on your greatest financial asset – your home. Designing a garden requires a level of expertise that most homeowners cannot provide, and requires a diverse range of creative, technical and horticultural knowledge, most successfully implemented by a professional landscaper.


Q: What is the benefit of having a professionally landscaped home?

A: A professionally landscaped home provides organised, planned spaces; artistic elements provide interest and aesthetic beauty, as well as functionality. Specific plants are well thought-out and deliberately chosen to complement environmental factors.


Q: What is the return on my garden investment?

A: Whilst your primary concern for creating your dream garden may be to create a place to enjoy time with your family, grow food or increase local biodiversity, it’s worth noting that a well-designed garden can increase the value of your property by around 20% – that’s a better investment than an attractive kitchen or bathroom.


Q: We are building a new home. How far in advance should we be planning our landscape?

A: Ideally, your project should be planned 6-12 months before you want your landscape to be completely installed. This time frame will allow adequate time for meeting with your designers, undergoing the design process, choosing your plants and materials, quantifying, scheduling and then installing.


Q: What types of gardens and garden styles does JJ Landscapes install?

A: JJ Landscapes works across a broad range of sites – from brand new properties to renewal of existing gardens; from urban gardens to commercial developments and properties. We take into consideration the style of your home, location and surrounding environment.


Q: In which parts of Cape Town do you install gardens?

A: JJ Landscapes covers the Southern suburbs, South Peninsula, City Bowl, Atlantic Seaboard and the Boland.


Q: How does the process of hiring a landscaper work?

A: 1. Contact us via email or telephone

  1. We will email you a pre-consultation questionnaire on which you will highlight your needs, style choice and budget.
  2. We will schedule a time to meet you on site.
  3. We will assess your property according to factors such as soil type and sun and shade conditions, amongst others.
  4. We will discuss with you how your garden will be used and what your plant preference is. You can provide pictures and images of styles you like.
  5. We measure the garden areas and take digital pictures.
  6. A garden proposal investment will be worked out for you, according to your unique needs.


Q: How long does it take to install a garden?

A: The duration of garden installations depends greatly on the size, complexity and materials used in each individual project. Weather is sometimes an issue, although we strive to work all-year-round, rain or shine. Typically, from start to finish, the minimum garden build timeframe is four weeks, but some projects last months, even a year, depending on the garden.


Q: Are we able to source plants and materials ourselves?

A: In order to make your garden as logistically and financially viable as possible, we will supply all of your materials. We are able to incorporate any design materials you may desire, and because we have developed close relationships with a number of the best nurseries in the Boland, West Coast and Garden Route, most of which are not open to the public, we guarantee the best prices and materials.


Q: If gardening isn’t my thing, how do I come up with ideas for creating my dream space?

A: We recommend that you make use of Google, Pinterest and gardening and home magazines to see what appeals to you. Consider what your garden will be used for. Consider the natural elements of your garden, for example, an existing tree or fence, and work out how to incorporate this into your new garden design. If you still have no idea, the staff at JJ Landscapes is qualified to give you the best advice for your personal needs.


Q: What timeline is realistic for my garden proposal?

A: Depending on the time of year and scope of your project, timelines range from one week to one month.


Q: What if I cannot afford to do the entire project at once?

A: It is common to break up projects into various phases to make the process more financially manageable.


Q: What can I expect during the construction process?

A: Construction noise and dust are a reality with garden landscaping, but at JJ Landscapes we guarantee to treat your garden and your home as our own, and will always clean up after we have completed your project.