According to real estate industry leaders Pam Golding, a well-landscaped garden can increase your property value by a minimum of 20%.  Isn’t it great to know that whilst creating a tranquil place to enjoy with your family, a functional space to grow your own food, or your own inspiring piece of local diversity, you’ll also be adding to the long-term value of your greatest investment?

Just as you would work with professionals in other fields to do specific projects, like having your home designed by an architect or your taxes calculated by an accountant, you should work with experienced landscapers to plan your outdoor environment.

At JJ Landscapes we combine passion, insight and years of experience in this field to give you the garden lay-out & options best suited to your unique site conditions & requirements. We understand scale, perspective, balance, textures, lines, focal features, soil preparation, plant palettes, retaining, construction, hard landscape aspects, and plenty more that makes creating the garden of your dreams a reality.

Designing and building gardens is a challenging process and requires a diverse range of creative, technical and horticultural knowledge to deliver successful results. Why not get in touch with us and experience the JJ Landscapes way for yourself?