Coastal and Indigenous gardens

Coastal gardens are usually prone to high winds, salty sea spray, sloping sites and hot, dry summers.

Managing coastal gardens:

  • Create a windbreak with indigenous shrubs such as Chrysanthemoides, Blombos (Metalasia), Dune Crowberry (Searsia crenata), Cape Coastal Oak (Brachylaena discolor) or Brown Sage (Salvia fricana – lutea)
  • Improve sandy soils by composting and mulching
  • Cover soil with ground cover such as Sour Fig, Osteospermum, Gazania, Arctotis and Carpet Geranium
  • Plant suitable shrubs like Scabiosa, Confetti bushes, Polygalas and Salvias
  • Plant Proteas and Pincushions to brighten up winter gardens
  • Plant Aloes and Restios to add contrast and to create focal lines.