Borehole Filtration

Borehole filtration is the process of analyzing your water in a laboratory and installing corrective measures to raise the pH, remove any impurities and filtrate the water to make it fit for human consumption.

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Why invest in a borehole filtration system?

The benefits are:

  • Supplies pre-filtered water to every faucet in your home
  • Reduces chlorine & chemicals in your water supply
  • Removes sand, slime, mud, rust, silt and other suspended solids
  • Assists in removing harmful bacteria & viruses from your water supply by means of a UV Sterilizer
  • Having an alternative water source & being independent of the Council
  • Saving money as the price of water increases
  • Improved pressure in your showers
  • Being able to bath during water shortages
  • Adding value to your property

How does it work?

  • Send a sample of your water to a laboratory such as Bemlab or Pathcare for a full analysis which will indicate the exact contaminants & pH levels
  • Once the water report is received, it can be ascertained whether your water requires the pH to be corrected. Limestone/ pH Fix is used to raise the pH of acidic water to protect the copper piping & fittings in your home
  • 3 stage Big Blue 20” water filters are installed after a RPZ valve
  • Two are sediment filters which removes dirt & other floating particles from your water
  • The next is the carbon filter which removes any chlorine or organic molecules & any odours
  • For bacteria removal UV light can be added
  • Fibreglass vessels with sand or glass media is an option to further filter the water
  • Water tanks are installed to treat and hold your pre & post filtered water
  • A quality pump is installed to circulate the water through your home at the correct pressure

Borehole Filtration in action​



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