Grey Water Systems

Grey water is shower, bath and washing machine water that is diverted into a small 120L purpose built tank and pumped into the garden as an additional water source.

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Why invest in a
Grey Water System?

Are you concerned about the increasing demand for water in the Western Cape? Are you in a situation where you are passionate about gardening, but don’t have the means to a well point or a borehole? Grey water may be the solution for you.

The benefits are:

  • It reduces the need for fresh water & the demand on public water supply
  • Water bills are reduced – saving you money every month
  • It reduces the amount of wastewater entering our sewers and water treatment systems
  • It is safe to irrigate your garden with grey water, providing that you use environmentally friendly products
  • You pay for the water once and get to use it twice by recycling the water in your garden

How does it work?

  • Bath, shower and washing machine water is redirected into a small holding tank
  • Grey water is pumped into your garden through a supplied hose and sprinkler when the holding tank reaches a certain level
  • A submersible pump switches on automatically when it reaches this point to ensure that the grey water is pumped out regularly to avoid unpleasant odours caused by stagnant water

Grey Water Systems in action




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