For a garden to succeed in our warmer SA climate, relying solely on rainwater is simply not enough

A professionally designed and installed irrigation system will save you time and ensure the success of your landscape investment.

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Why install an
irrigation system?

An irrigation system that has been
well planned and executed will:

  • Ensure that your garden investment receives the correct amount of water to make it not only survive, but thrive!
  • Avoid expensive plants and lawns dying due to lack of water
  • Make use of sprinkler nozzles have been designed to water efficiently, by supplying water at a precipitation that can be absorbed by the soil, thus limiting water loss through run-off and evaporation, thus saving you water
  • Assist the root establishment of newly planted plants
  • Save you time
  • Be user friendly and easy to adjust according to the seasons and water requirements of your garden

How can we help you?

  • Our systems are tailor made to suit the unique topography & scope of your site.
  • We take features such as terraces, lawns and plant beds and the water requirements specific to the type of plants in your garden into consideration
  • Our systems are competitively priced and meet industry standards
  • Contact us today to assess your garden’s water requirements and we will provide you with a quotation

Our irrigation process ?


Careful removal of lawn & plants where trenches need to be dug

Piping laid

Piping laid in trenches at the industry standard depth

pop-up sprinklers Installation

Pop-Up sprinklers installed in lawn areas as they retract with a spring when not in use. This allows you to mow over them without obstruction

Shrub sprayers Installation

Shrub sprayers installed in your flower beds

manifold building

This is where all piping begins & is made up of solenoids (Electric taps)

Automation setup

Controller unit is positioned to automatically switch on the solenoids at the desired time, day and duration


Testing of your system & adjusting all sprinkler angles

trench closing

Closing and watering of trenches

hand over

Hand over to the client providing a user-friendly manual for the controller which comes with a full year warrantee

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