Landscaping is the art of enhancing a garden by altering the existing design, making use of ornamental features, trees, shrubs & groundcovers.

Your outdoor space should function as an extension of your home. If it is feeling tired and lifeless, there is so much we can do to transform your garden into a soothing and peaceful space that the whole family can enjoy.

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Why landscape your garden?

A creatively planned and designed garden not only increases the value of your property, but can help you feel relaxed and able to enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle.

The benefits are:

  • Increased property value
  • Improved quality of life. According to the Journal of Physiological Anthropology (Feb 2018) – plants reduce stress and anxiety
  • Aesthetically pleasing landscapes enhances our sense of wellbeing
  • It encourages bees, insects and bird life
  • Plants provide cooler temperatures than hard surfaces
  • Trees provide life-giving oxygen. One tree can provide enough oxygen for 4 people per day
  • Reduces erosion and water evaporation
  • Improved privacy and security

Where to start?

Determine your garden needs and areas of priority

Collect ideas from Pinterest, magazines & the internet that appeals to you

Contact us to give you an idea of what is practical and achievable given your climatic & topographic site conditions

Let us help you plan and design a garden that suits your individual style, needs and your budget

After coming to an agreement on the appropriate garden layout, we provide you with a cost estimation/ quote

Our landscaping process?

Correct soil levels

Install hard landscaping, such as pathways, bed edgings, terracing, paving, garden walls, retaining etc. Hard landscaping is the backbone of the garden.

Soil preparation – addition of organic compost & soil conditioners such as phosphates & bonemeal for root establishment

Position & plant all plants, taking potential future sizes into account

Lay instant lawn

Hand over to the client, giving key points how to take care / maintain your landscape investment

Before and After

Landscaping Transformation

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