July in your garden….

Winter Indigenous Beauties

Be sure to add one of these colourful indigenous water wise options to your garden this month.

Image: redlist.sanbi.org/species

Bushy Buchu’s

Starry white flowers cover the very aromatic Agathosma crenulata for up to eight weeks.  The rounded shrub grows up to 2m tall and attracts bees & butterflies.  A great addition to the Fynbos garden.

Adorable Aloes

Tough, wind tolerant & drought resistant plants that are most rewarding when they flower.  Aloes are no fuss low maintenance plants and have become a hot trend in gardens.  They also do well in Coastal conditions. 

Try the De Wet hybrid – Aloe ‘Twice As Nice’, which will be flowering till mid winter.

Image: blackwoods.co.za

Image: pza.sanbi.org/chasmanthe-bicolor

Bright Bulbs

Chasmanthe bicolor

A flowering bulb that attracts bees, birds and butterflies to your garden.  It is drought tolerant and grows approximately 1.2m tall.  It grows in full sun to partial shade.