Kerb Appeal – How to achieve this and what value it brings.

Kerb appeal is the lasting impression your property gives when viewed from the street. 

It is important as it relates to the value of your home and has the ability to have a positive impact on your visitors / viewers.

Is your property welcoming from the outside?

  • Here are some of our recommendations to help you achieve and maximize your kerb appeal:
  • Trimming hedges and shrubs is an easy way to ensure a neat and an aesthetically pleasing garden appearance
  • Consider the addition of focal features such as an ornate metal garden gate, an archway or pots to draw the eye to your home, while also giving it character.
  • Potted plants, hanging baskets and garden beds with colour brighten your entry way and naturally welcome in visitors. Plants are an easy way to create appeal and can change the style, impact and mood of a garden. 
  • Pavers are a low-maintenance way to create walkways and draw you into the space.  Maintain your paving by keeping it clean and weed-free.
  • Garden lighting to light up walkways and illuminate focal trees creates a welcoming feel.

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