Beautifully Designed Gardens to visit in Cape Town

Beautifully Designed Gardens to visit in Cape Town

Wanting to get out and about this festive season? Visiting Cape Town’s diverse range of picturesque gardens is a great outing for the whole family! From uniquely designed private gardens, to internationally acclaimed national ones, here are the top 6 picks that we recommend.


As one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms, Babylonstoren offers a unique experience that conveys feelings of warmth and relaxation. This farm, located at the foot of Simonsberg in the Franschhoek wine valley, features a stunning and botanically diversified fruit and vegetable garden; as well as unique contemporary lodging.

Their biologically sustainable, organic gardens are designed for year-round harvesting of their edible or medicinal plants (of which they have over 300 different types!). In fact, Babylonstoren houses two beautiful restaurants that focus on a farm-to-table approach which ensures the highest level of freshness in all their dishes; dining in either restaurant is definitely a worthwhile experience.

The Garden, which takes advantage of its natural surroundings, transitions along the stream flowing from the Simonsberg Mountain to the Berg River; allowing indigenous wild olives to thrive and a stunning collection of Clivia lilies to bloom every spring in their shadow.

With French influences and Cartesian elements, it is fair to say that Babylonstoren is the embodiment of simplicity and was designed to emphasis a garden that excites you whilst still relaxing you in every way.

This farm experience is a holiday essential; well worth spending the whole day roaming the gardens and basking in the combination of simplicity and innovation shown through the natural seasonal features.

Fun fact: Right next to their greenhouse restaurant they often have a display of a seasonal fruit that anyone is welcome to taste, take home and enjoy!

Arderne Gardens

The Arderne Gardens, located in the heart of Claremont, boasts South Africa’s most diversified and valuable collection of exotic plants and shrubs; earning it the title of a South African Provincial Heritage Site.

This unique garden is home to the largest trees in South Africa; six of which were named Champion Trees in 2008! The two pictured below are the Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla) and possibly the largest Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis) in the world.

With its shady walkways and benches, charming landscape, and Japanese-style ponds, this cultural and historical landmark invites you to enjoy its natural tranquillity. The garden is particularly lovely because it is suitable for anyone to enjoy; whether you want to take a relaxing afternoon walk, watch the kids feed the animals who have made this garden their home, or celebrate your wedding day with photos against the gorgeous backdrop, this botanical park has it all.

There’s no better time than the holidays to explore our local outdoor gems and this garden, with its impressive display of looming trees and collection of the finest exotic species is a must-see destination.

Rustenberg Wine Estate Gardens

The Rustenberg Wine Estate Garden is another superbly designed garden located in the Simonsberg Mountain Valley. This historic estate features two gorgeous gardens in addition to its widely acclaimed, world-class wines.

The Schoongezicht Garden

The Schoongezicht Garden is located adjacent to the Schoongezicht Cape Dutch homestead and is open to the public during their Tasting room’s open hours. The hard landscaping of this formal style garden has unified the one-hectare landscape in a well-balanced manner.

With an eleven-circuit Chartres-style labyrinth, Stunning fish swimming throughout a 25 metre long Lilypond and a charming Pergola with climbing roses, clematis, and other fragrant climbers, these magical grounds have something for everyone to marvel at.

Take a trip to this gorgeous garden as it sure is an idealistic scene to unwind and re-energize in this holiday season.

The Rustenberg Garden

The private Rustenberg garden is only open once a year during the Rustenberg Open Weekend. This awe-inspiring combination of English-style planting and structured elegance surrounds the Rustenberg Manor House; the private home of the Barlow Family. In following with the old English style, the garden is divided into a series of themed ‘garden rooms.’

This vast farm particularly emphasises the heritage roses and perennials, which are enhanced by the scenic mountain backdrop and unified by features such as a magnificent double herbaceous border, a variety of mature trees, and unusual plants.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical gardens

The Kirstenbosch Gardens, located only 13 km from Cape Town’s city centre, set against the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, are ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. Designed to be flowering 365 days a year, each season brings a different variety of blossoming flora to complement and brighten the variety of picnic areas and walkways. This beautiful oasis has earned itself a place as one of the seven most magnificent botanical gardens in the world!

At the Kirstenbosch gardens, not only are you able to appreciate the diversity of flora, but you are also able to view the stunning art exhibitions held in various venues both indoors and outdoors; making this location a wonderful spot to experience the beauty of a well-ordered, harmonious garden that is complemented with art displays and a serene ambiance.

This holiday season is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the last of the fynbos, as well as the blossoming geraniums (Pelargonium spp.) and Agapanthus.

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