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How Garden design enhances your life

Did you know that spending more time in your garden promotes and enhances the quality of your life?

Being in your garden is more than just taking time to relax and enjoy some downtime.  A beautiful garden will boost your mood, calm you after a stressful day and feed your soul.  Visiting with family and friends in this space is a perfect way to enhance your connections.
The benefits of a carefully planned and designed garden are many, and we’ve listed some of the greatest advantages below:

Physical and Mental wellbeing benefits



Imagine coming home after a stressful day to a welcoming and beautiful garden sanctuary.  Does your garden currently offer you this?

Studies have proven that being out in nature has a calming effect on your brain, resulting in a clear mind that allows you to focus on important tasks. Spending time doing light gardening work in a creative and well-planned garden will not only enhance your sense of well-being but with daily exposure to natural Vitamin D you can also stave off depression. 

Landscape Design increases your property resale value

A beautiful garden is a simple method to increase the appeal and value of your home.  An integral part of accessing or leaving your home is through the garden.  This is the first impression that prospective buyers get, and you would be wise to ensure that it is a good one!
A common mistake that homeowners make is to plant a garden without enough knowledge. Costly mistakes such as planting in unsuitable environmental conditions or locations can be avoided, saving you money in the long term.
Investing in a garden designer to help you plan your dream garden, will reap high dividends in selling your property when the time comes.

Designed to be Environmentally Friendly

The advantages of transforming your garden into a nature-friendly environment are endless.   People can enjoy wildlife gardens as much as wildlife enjoys them! The benefits are most evident if you stand in your garden space long enough to observe the flow of animals, birds, and insects.
Garden designers take your environment, such as predominant winds, soil conditions, light conditions, local indigenous & endemic plants, and wildlife into account, while designing and installing your garden This is for the benefit of increasing biodiversity and plant and animal diversity within your garden space.

An enjoyable garden all year round


Whether it’s scorching hot days or freezing cold wintery days, the weather’s intensity may either pour magnificent rays of sunlight upon your garden or cause harm with powerful winds. This is a good reminder of how rapidly severe seasons can change and the impact that they may have on your home and garden.
An experienced landscape designer will be aware of the weather, environmental conditions and seasonal factors when planning your garden.  Solutions to your site challenges are offered to enable you to enjoy your garden all year round.

Effortlessly spend time & money

Though you may believe you will save money by designing your own garden, it is a wise financial move to hire a professional and here’s why:
  • Hiring a professional ensures that you are working with someone who knows what they’re doing. They’ll know which plants to plant where, how to create privacy, shelter, and where to group plants so they grow well together. By the next season, you will have saved time on repurchasing and replanting.
  • Landscapers have the unique ability to see ahead to the completed picture & envision your garden in the seasons to come, while keeping in mind your garden function.

Landscape design is the skill of improving a garden by changing the original design and using nearby elements, trees, and plants to create a beautiful setting. It’s about enhancing and complimenting the exterior of your home with the interior and about influencing the energy, experience and benefits of your home We recommend consulting an expert if you want to make a substantial investment in your garden that will both raise the value of your property and offer you hours and hours of enjoyment and benefits.

Cape Town Garden Designer and Landscaper

JJ Landscapes is a landscape design & installation company situated in the deep south of Cape Town With over 20 years of experience in the planning and execution of magnificent garden landscapes, we’re ready and able to assist you with, creating and installing your lovely garden spaces
Contact us today on (021) 785 5255 or via email info@jjlandscapes.co.za.

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